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Novel Techsciences

Novel Techsciences is a company in the field of advanced sciences

Novel Techsciences is a company founded with a mission to research, develop and promote novel solutions within Biotechnology and Information Technology domains. Our present focus remains limited to Computational Biology & Bioinformatics and Machine Learning & Deep learning sub-domains. We also aspire to be active in the Classical High Performance Computing and Quantum Computing sub-domains and are currently looking for opportunities within these segments.

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We are a startup active within the technological domains of Systems Biology, Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing



We research, develop and promote solutions within these domains which are sub-divided into further divisions within our portfolio



We leverage on our knowledge of Computational sciences, Software technology and Computing power to research and develop solutions catering to diverse segments


We at Novel Techsciences are focusing our efforts on below modern sciences to deliver solutions which propel technological advancement for the benefit of nature and humanity


Systems biology can be defined as processes which enable to develop a holistic understanding of the intricate networks of interconnected systems which occur during the functioning of biological organisms. It is composed of different branches and fields of science not limited to Mathematical modelling& Statistics,Computational Biology,Bioinformatics, Genetics


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad terminology used to describe a process that can mimic cognitive functions of the human mind such as learning and problem solving. The definition has greatly evolved to encompass a multitude of systems and processes which try to achieve this action of mimicking human understanding and rationality.

High Performance

High performance Computing is a branch of computing hardware technology which includes the usage of large clusters of interconnected classical CPU and GPU based computers managed through networks. An upcoming offshoot of this branch is Quantum Computing which is based on the scientific principles of Quantum Mechanics.


We at Novel Techsciences have created individual divisions to allocate the resources of our talent pool based on their sub-domain specific strengths and abilities.

Computional Biology & Bioinformatics
Machine & Deep
Classical High Performance Computing