Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)is a broad terminology used to describe a process that can mimic cognitive functions of the human mind such as learning and problem solving. The definition has greatly evolved to encompass a multitude of systems and processes which try to achieve this action of mimicking human understanding and rationality.

It is an interdisciplinary scientific domain with diverse approaches, methodologies and sub-domains such as Machine Learning&Deep Learning and further frameworks & architectures such asNeural Networks

and National Language Processing which are the foundations of modern AI systems.

Machine Learning (ML)refers to the branch of Artificial Intelligence which enables computer systems learn from input data on the basis of specifically developed algorithms.The application of Machine Learning spans across a wide range of industry verticals such as the Internet & Social Media, Business & Finance, Travel & Hospitality and also modern Medicine& Healthcare.

Deep Learning (DL) is a sub-set of ML and uses the conventional mechanisms of ML topped with a self-learning functionality and algorithms which evolve progressively. It follows a methodology of layering where input data is characterized in each level on the basis of its informational depth.

AI has revolutionized modern science and continues to impact millions of lives every day which rely on products and services which are built on this revolutionary technology.