Computational Biology Bioinformatics

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science. It bridges the gap between Biology, Mathematics&Statistics and Computer Science to develop biological solutions by developing algorithms in conjugation with using available computational tools. The branch learns from biological systems constructed from experimental measurements. We at Novel Techsciences are using our expertise in this field to apply computational methods for the following broad solutions:

  • Drug discovery from Natural compounds
  • Protein Engineering to develop stable proteins applicable in various industrial processes by analysis of amino acid in proteins for identifying stability and mutable hot spots
  • Protein contact map and pathway analysis
  • Phylogenetic and evolution analysis of the proteins
  • Algorithms implementation to develop pipelines as an integrated approach for protein engineering and drug designing

We are always keen on exploring new avenues and working on challenges that can provide “in-silico” insights and solutions for all the challenges that can be dealt with using this branch of science in the shortest possible time.