In-Silico Protein Engineering

We at Novel Techsciences believe that custom designed proteins by Computational Engineering can transform industries as they can facilitate the production of industrial products with much lesser time, capital and effort in comparison to the methods of directed evolution by colony screening methods.

By Protein Engineering we refer to modifications of the building blocksi.ethe amino acid residues, responsible for the final protein structure and function.

The challenge is developing a robust pipeline which is specific for each protein in demand. We have gained expertise in this area and are able to design customized pipelines catering to the need of each specific protein.

Developing computational biology work flow for prediction of site-specific mutations that can enhance protein stability, specificity and affinity are our strengths. The pipeline involves first prediction of a set of stabilizing mutations by analyzing both evolutionary conservation and energetic changes due to the mutation. This is followed by understanding the importance of the residue in the protein structure by centrality measurements using intra-protein contact map analysis. Second by incorporation of the mutations in the protein 3D structures. Third by analyzing the effect of the predicted mutations on the protein structure and function by high throughput long time scale molecular dynamics simulations and physio-chemical characterization of the resulting mutants and the wild type protein on which the mutations were predicted.

Ultimately, we offer the final sets of high confidence mutations that holds the capability to cater to the need of the basic purpose of subjecting the protein(s) to engineering.

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